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Residential & Commercial Window Tinting! Great for your home or office our solar window tint offers a full spectrum of qualities and benefits that will be sure to impress any business or home owner!


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Choose from our selection of Bronze, Silver or Crystal Clear Options for Your Home!


Solar Window Tint Benefits

Our solar window films have tons of benefits that are transferable from your home to your office! There are different benefits found in the different films we offer. Some films are better at rejecting heat and reducing glare, while other films offer a more natrual look!

Reduce Heat

Up to 85% heat reduction. Your windows are the worst insulator in your home! Our films reflect the heat back to the hot side keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Reduce Glare

Up to 85% glare reduction. Are you sick of getting that nasty glare on the television? Or maybe the glare coming through the windows is blinding! Our films do a great job of reducing glare!

U.V. Protection

99.9% U.V. Protection. Protect your floors, furniture, art, and in-home assets from discoloration, fading or becoming brittle! Our UV protection will ensure your assets are protected!

Daytime Privacy

Want to look outside while keeping your privacy during the day? Our films help you achieve daytime privacy so you can feel comfortable and enjoy the view from your home!

Save On Utilites

When you tint a whole home or office you will save money on utilities as your furnace or A.C. unit has to work less to maintain consistent temperatures. Tinting your windows is like insulating your home!

Looks Great!

Our films are designed specifically for the home and office. From decorative frosting to our silver and bronze finishes our tint makes your home or office look great without compromising your view looking out of the window.

Solar Window Tint Demo

Book an in-home solar film demo to test and feel the differences between each film! This is a great way to pick a film and receive a quote from the comfort of your own home!

Silver Reflection Series Tint
Silver Reflection Series Tint
Bronze Series Tint
completed bronze tint on house Bronze Series Tint

What Are Customers Saying About Solar Film?



“We hired Chinook Cleaning and Tinting to install tint on our 4 front office windows. The team was quick and efficient and did a great job!”

- Pattie Smart


“These guys are so professional and do an amazing job. Highly recommend! We also got the window tint done on our south and west windows. Incredible difference in glare and heat reduction coming thru the windows.”

- Darlene Nieboer


“We had “aggressive” lighting problem and Chinook Cleaning & Tinting were able to tone it down! Looks great and a very cost effective way to resolve the issue.”

- Tonya Woolford


“Mitch and company was excellent to work with as they was attentive, on time and did a great job with frosting our inside office/classroom doors/windows. Thanks”

- Ingeborg Pot


“Amazing product, and fantastic service. Love the improvements they have made in our home. Will definitely use them again.”

- Kim Lee


“Great job, and great guys, wonderful work ethic and incredible attention to detail, highly recommend. Tinted two oddly shaped windows and what a difference. Thanks!”

- Denise Norrie

Solar Window Tint F.A.Q

Do you have more questions about our films? Feel free to contact us!

How Does Tint Save Me Money?

The film is made from metalized particles that reflect heat back to the hot side. So in winter, when the heat is trying to escape through your windows it is reflected back into your home making your furnace work less to achieve the desired temperature. As your utilities work less you end up saving more!


This is also true for summer trying to keep your home cool. Without window tint the heat from outside seeps into your home! When your windows have solar film on them it reflects that heat back outside! 


Solar window tint is great for all windows not just the windows that get intense sun light!

How Much Does It Cost?

Solar Films cost between $8.00 – $12.00 per Square Foot installed!


If you get your whole home done we will give you 15% off your installation!

Does The Tint Make My Home Look Dark Inside?

These films are designed to actually improve your viewing abilities. We have a range of films that let more or less light into your home. We will help you pick the best film for your needs and situation!

How Does Your Warranty Work?

We offer a 5 year warranty on our work and the film manufacture offers a lifetime warranty on film discolouration or bubbles. We will not warranty the films if they have been scratched or peeled off. 

Are Window Films Permanent?

No! They are not! But we do recommend getting a professional to remove your film as the adhesive from the film can be very challenging to remove!